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Alfonso Marina, Brands

Nicholas Haslam Ltd is very proud to be the exclusive distributor for Alfonsomarina in UK, providing access to their whole collection of products to the design community.

Alfonso Marina started out in 1971 as an artist devoted to handcrafting fine wood furniture. His goal has always been to offer the highest quality possible to discerning consumers. Their goal is offer superior pieces with casual elegance, those that show harmony in design and proportion, not limiting to a certain period or provenance.

Based in the factory in Mexico, Alfonso Marina has the capacity and flexibility to produce highly elaborate as well as intricate designs, including veneer-work, marquetry, and pieces with bone, tortoiseshell, or metal inlay, with lathed or hand-carved detail.

Sourced from sustainable plantations, the wood finishes of Alfonso Marina products require the skilled hand of highly trained artisans to produce the genuine feel of antique wood with its warm, distinctive patina. Alfonso Marina has also endeavoured to keep traditional processes alive by painting pieces with decorative elements empahasizing the collection’s character.

The ornamental fittings complementing many of the products are created in our own workshop, where pieces are
forged from different metals, including iron, to produce appropriate fittings for a variety of authentic styles with a
freedom of design.

Support & Contact Details

The sales team here at Nicholas Haslam Ltd work very closely with the team at Alfonso Marina and fully devoted to support your every requirement throughout the whole process.

[email protected]

You can order any product and have access to their full range of products visible at Alfonso Marina


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