Terms and Conditions of Sale

Nicholas Haslam Ltd.

Furniture, Lighting, Fabrics, Accessories and Antiques

Nicholas Haslam Ltd (‘NH’) are pleased that you (‘the Purchaser’) have chosen to purchase our fine furniture, fabric, lighting, and/or accessories (‘Goods’). To maintain
our ability to provide a high quality product to our clients, we have established the following Terms and Conditions of Sale. With our receipt of your signature on this
order and/or your receipt of our order confirmation, the Purchaser formally agrees to these terms.


Contract: These conditions constitute the entire contact between NH and the Purchaser as to the scale and the delivery of the goods. No amendment, alteration or
addition to these conditions or any representations whatsoever shall be of any effect unless in writing and signed by a Director of NH. In particular, no quotations,
catalogue price list or other advertising matter shall constitute an offer capable of acceptance and shall be deemed merely an offer to treat. NH will make every
endeavour to deliver the same colours as shown in any sample, but descriptions and illustrations of any Goods or Materials are intended to be only a general
representation thereof and are not intended to be reliable with regard to details or colouring and the Purchaser shall not be entitled to reject the Goods or claim
damages of any slight variation of shade.


Estimates: This/these estimates remain open for acceptance for the period of thirty days hereof. In order to accept the estimate the Purchaser must return the estimate duly signed together with the remittance required, 100% of the total price including VAT.


Order Confirmation: Purchase orders should be in writing and provide all information required to put the furniture in to production. Include; Purchaser name,address, tel and fax, delivery details, item name, style, dimensions and colour, specific information pertinent to order. A Pro Forma invoice/confirmation will be issued from NH to confirm order specifications. For NH to accept a custom or special order, confirmation of custom product specification, such as product drawing and/or finish samples must be explicit, in the form of a signed approval. NH requests such approval within five (5) business days of receipt by the Purchaser of drawings and/or finish samples. Requests for any changes must be in writing.


Payment: Time of payment shall be of essence of the contract. All accounts with NH are strictly Pro Forma. Reservation or production of the Goods will not commence until remittance of the required amount is received as per the Pro Forma Invoice. A VAT Invoice will be issued upon receipt of payment. The Purchaser acknowledges that the Purchaser is liable for the full amount reflected upon the Pro Forma Invoice. NH will only ship the goods when in receipt of full payment. Title of the Goods does not pass under any circumstance until NH is in receipt of full Purchaser payment. Overdue amounts will bear interest at the rate of 2.5% per month or part of a month from the due date of payment. NH further reserves the right to vary the price charged to the Purchaser for the Goods in order to take in to account any adverse difference in exchange rates, or any variation in the cost to the Purchaser of materials, transportation or overheads arising between the date the price was first communicated to the Purchaser and the date of delivery or despatch of the Goods.


Additional Charges: Unless otherwise stated in the estimate, additional charges will be made for:

A. Additional work resulting from the Purchaser supplying or specifying unsuitable materials;

B. The substitution of other materials in place of unsuitable materials;

C. The repair and/or replacements of goods which are not in good condition;

D. Delivery or performance outside the Central London area or if any unusual lifting or carrying is required.

E. Packing and crating goods for shipping


Exclusions of Liability:

A. No responsibility is accepted for the fit or suitability of items made to the customer’s own measurements.

B. No responsibility is accepted for the imperfect work caused by defects in or unsuitability of materials supplied or specified by the Purchaser.

C. No responsibility will be accepted for manufacturers’ normal variations in colour matching.

D. No responsibility is accepted to damage to wall coverings and finishings in the course of delivery or fixing.

E. NH accepts no liability for the delay in delivery.


Storage and Transit: The Purchaser shall bear the risk of any and all loss occurring whilst the merchandise is in transit from London or in storage at a location other than NH. NH recommends that the Purchaser obtains insurance to cover such risk. NH shall have no obligation to insure such merchandise against any losses. The Purchaser is not relieved of any obligation to pay for Goods damaged in transit or storage. The filing of claims for freight or storage damage is the responsibility of the Purchaser. It is the Purchasers (or their designated representatives) responsibility to be at the delivery address at the time of delivery. The goods must be properly examined and signed for “in good condition” before the driver leaves. The Purchaser is advised to write upon the Bill of Lading a description of any damages to goods or packaging, and to save all packing materials. In the event of damage, the Purchaser should contact the Transportation Company immediately for an inspection. Please send copy of correspondence to NH (Fax: +44 171 730 6679) NH reserves the right to place any order in storage at Purchasers expense and risk for the following reasons:

A. Final payment is not made within ten (10) days of request of same.

B. Failure to provide specific delivery instructions prior to completion of the order.

Any Goods not collected, or for which delivery arrangements are not made within three (3) months of such notification, may be sold and NH shall be entitled to retain, out of the proceeds of sale, all monies, including interest due, from the Purchaser and all storage and disposal charges.


UK Delivery: NH will provide the Purchaser with an estimated completion date for products ordered. However, the Purchaser acknowledges that this date is approximate. Due to various factors that may affect the time of manufacture of fine products, NH will not be held liable for any specific production delay or final completion time period. All UK delivery dates quoted are FOB London. Additional shipping time should be assumed for delivery from London to final destination.


Outside UK Delivery: All prices quoted are in UK Sterling. Ex works London.


Furniture & Fabric Orders: All the contents of NH upholstered furniture manufactured in the UK, adhere to requirements of the UK Furniture and Furnishing (Fire)(Safety)Regulation 1988(As amended in 1989 & 1993). NH cannot guarantee that furniture meets any other particular use or civil code requirements. NH recommends that all fabrics purchased through NH or for use on NH Goods, be FR back/treated or used with an interliner if required for upholstery. NH is happy to advise the Purchaser of companies who can provide FR treatment.


Return Policy: NH Goods are not returnable except on NH authorisation due to defect in workmanship or materials. The Purchaser hereby agrees that manufacture of custom Goods allows for moderate variation in result from showroom samples and/or other previously constructed products of a similar type. If a product does not meet original order specification within a reasonable degree of variation, NH reserves the right to repair or re-make the item rather than accept a return. No consideration will be given to fabrics, which have already been cut.

Antique lighting and furniture cannot be returned.


Special Circumstances: If NH shall agree to accept a cancellation or return of an NH product, the Purchaser agrees that NH may retain the Purchaser’s deposit in consideration of such an acceptance. A request for consideration of Special Circumstances must be made by the Purchaser in writing to NH setting forth the circumstances and agreeing to NH retaining the initial deposit in satisfaction of all claims with respect to the order being cancelled. No requests shall be deemed approved, unless same is explicitly accepted by NH in writing. If the Purchaser is already in receipt of the Goods, then the Purchaser agrees to pay all transportation charges and a re-stocking fee as set by NH.


Law of Contract: These Conditions shall be construed and shall take effect in accordance with the Laws of England.